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Technical Series

  • Google Sandbox: New York | Cloud, Ads and Commerce

    The New York program spotlighted our Cloud and Ads and Commerce product areas. Participants experienced a keynote from SVP and Google Fellow, Urs Holzle, as well as a panel moderated by Engineering Director, Marcus Mitchell, and learned to use the Firebase platform to create web apps.

    “Thank you so much for opening the doors to us. Google’s way of life is fascinating and it’s always refreshing to see and hear about the innovation and diversity of thought taking place.”

  • Google Sandbox: Atlanta | Mobile and UX

    The Google Sandbox: Atlanta program dove into Material Design for mobile and UX strategy on the heels of the Android Lollipop release, and participants designed their own Android Wear apps.

    “My favorite part was having the chance to really talk to employees and realizing that work at Google is actually an attainable thing.”

  • Google Sandbox: Austin | Cloud Technical Sales

    The Austin program highlighted Google’s growing Cloud business. The program featured a fireside chat with leaders within the Cloud organization, a deeper dive into what it’s like to work in Google Cloud with a Googler panel, and workshops focused on architecture design and sales skills.

    "At Google Sandbox, I saw more black women in tech in one place in Austin than I have any other time in my 5+ years in tech. I took several things away from this event, one of them being that I need to do more to change that dynamic. Thank you also for everything you shared regarding Google culture - that it is truly great and it's designed so everyone is focused and driving hard to overachieve on their goals when working. It sounds like Google is even better than its reputation.”

  • Google Sandbox: DC | Site Reliability Engineering, Platforms, and Hardware Operations

    This Washington, DC program shared more about Site Reliability Engineering, Platforms, and Hardware Operations at Google. Participants tried their hand at code labs and design sprints intended to simulate some of the technical problems Googlers solve every day.

    “I was unsure of what to expect from an event like this but I was incredibly happy with what resulted. I feel as though I have a better sense of what mentality Google is looking for in an employee and I was glad to have a chance to speak my fellow attendees and understand their broad array of backgrounds.”

  • Google Sandbox: Chicago | Hardware

    The Chicago program highlight Google’s growing Hardware organization. Participants experienced tech talks, fireside chats with Google Engineers, and a Life at Google panel discussion. Program content focused on life at Google and the technology behind Google’s hardware products. During the demo reception, participants got a chance to get their hands on the Pixel 2 phone, Live Cases, Pixelbuds, Google Home, Pixelbook, and Daydream VR headsets.

    “I really enjoyed hearing the experiences shared by real Googlers, I also enjoyed seeing the demos explained by passionate engineers, and got the opportunity to talk to some of the featured speakers. I loved all the food, drinks, and deserts. I’m beyond thankful to the Google family for allowing me to be part of the event.”

  • Google Sandbox: Los Angeles | YouTube and Virtual Reality

    At the Los Angeles program, participants enjoyed content focused on all things YouTube, including YouTube Sharing, Comedy, Living Room, and Virtual Reality. The program highlights included a lifestyle panel and a CodeLab learning experience.

    “It was great to meet with Googlers and YouTubers and to hear them talk about their experiences at Google and YouTube, as well as some of the projects they worked on and the working atmosphere there.”

  • Google Sandbox: Boston | Machine Intelligence and Cloud Machine Learning

    This Boston program highlighted the Machine Intelligence and Cloud Machine Learning product areas, with a spotlight on Visualization for Machine Learning and a TensorFlow workshop, where participants learned how to work with a collection of operations combined to perform a rich set of computations.

    “The diverse background of the panelists as well as the attendees was nice. The introductions into the different teams on the first day was a great way to learn about the actual application of ML at Google.”

  • Google Sandbox: Bucharest | Site Reliability Engineering, Security, and YouTube

    The Bucharest program highlighted exciting work in the space of YouTube Content ID using neural networks, as well as a deep dive into how Google protects its corporate security. Participants heard from engineers from across six European offices as part of the Engineering at Google panel and experienced product demos, including Daydream.

    ”I had the opportunity to talk to the speakers and see that we have more things in common than I actually thought!"

  • Google Sandbox: Dallas | Testing and Infrastructure

    The Dallas program highlighted the testing and infrastructure areas of Google. Participants explored topics such as the complexities and challenges of automated testing, cluster management, and testing hardware at scale, including a behind-the-scenes look at Google’s disaster recovery best practices.

    “For me, the event demystified Google and made the company and its employees seem extraordinarily accessible. Most of all, it was evident that the speakers had a passion for their jobs, and it’s rare to find a company that works to foster and maintain that enthusiasm.”

  • Google Sandbox: Seattle | Mobile, Ads, Maps, Cloud, and Virtual Reality

    The Seattle program focused on some of the exciting work being led by Google’s Seattle and Kirkland teams, with tech talks on topics as varied as automated testing, virtual machine migration, DIY artificial intelligence for makers, and fairness in machine learning.

    “I'm a CS student and for me, it was important to see such friendly and safe environment for everybody at Google Sandbox Seattle. This event inspired me and motivated to study even harder to achieve my ambitious goals. And of course, one of them is one day to be a part of such amazing community like you, Googlers”

  • Google Sandbox: Raleigh-Durham | Site Reliability Engineering, Network Operations, Hardware Operations, and Data Center Operations

    The Raleigh-Durham program highlighted some of the exciting work being done by the Site Reliability Engineering, Network Operations, Hardware Operations, and Data Center Operations teams. These are the teams that keep Google up and running 24 hours a day. Participants were able to hear from various positions that make up our core infrastructure in order to maintain it in the most efficient, reliable, secure, and scalable way possible.

    ”This was a great event, and you could tell all of the employees were happy to be there and answer any questions we had!"

  • Google Sandbox: Machine Learning Lab | New York

    The Machine Learning Lab program allowed participants to dive into machine learning concepts and go through Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course with hands-on instructors. Participants applied machine learning concepts to data sets and worked in groups to demonstrate their learnings.

    "The networking and the Q&A with actual google engineers were the most valuable parts for me. Hearing things directly from them made me feel like I was getting inside info from the most credible sources :)”

  • Google Sandbox: Sofia | Search and Maps

    The Sofia program gave participants a behind the scenes glimpse into Search Engine and the latest innovations in Google Maps for iOS. The program split into two tracks allowing participants to immerse themselves in the Google Innovation Lab focused on teamwork and design sprints, or the hands on technical TensorFlow workshop.

    ”Amazing experience, I definitely learned a lot while also having fun! Thank you for the wonderful event!"

  • Google Sandbox: Detroit | Hardware

    The Detroit program shone a spotlight on Google’s work within the consumer hardware space. Participants watched tech talks focused on how Google’s hardware team researches, designs, and develops their products. During the networking reception, participants had the chance to chat with members of the hardware team and get hands-on with demos of the latest products.

    “Thank you for the opportunity to attend Google Sandbox Detroit! I have always loved Google; after attending the event, I am even more enthusiastic about the company. I really appreciated learning about Google's work environment and culture; it seems like the perfect company for me. The event gave me confidence that working for Google is actually an attainable goal.”

  • Google Sandbox: Denver | Google Technical Services

    The Denver program highlighted Google’s Technical Services Organization (gTech). Through dynamic speakers, panels, and workshops, participants got an inside look into Google’s culture in the Denver office and gTech’s growing presence.

    “I appreciated getting to be at an event geared toward folks not traditionally in the pipeline for tech companies where there were small things thought of to gear toward them. And actually having folks of a wide variety of experiences present.”

  • Google Sandbox: London | Android, Site Reliability Engineering, the Next Billion Users, and Google Play

    The London program focused on engineering in the Android and Google Play product areas. Participants experienced tech talks focused on how mobile is shaping the development and use of the web in emerging markets and engineering at scale, and also participated in a Tensorflow Workshop and Innovation Lab.

    "The Innovation workshop was absolutely great in teaching us how teams at Google take advantage of Design Thinking to define problems and brainstorm solutions. Connecting with Googlers who work on the everyday products and services we use was also spectacular; it's definitely not something you can do very often."

  • Google Sandbox: Kiev | Cloud and Machine Learning

    The Kiev program provided an inside look into Google Cloud and Machine Learning. Participants got the opportunity to hear tech talks from senior engineers and participate in hands-on workshops, including how to build, analyze, and improve TensorFlow models, how to utilize the Kubernetes API, how to deploy a Cloud Function, and how to build an image analysis app.

    "The event was really interesting and useful for me, I am proud that I visited it and had the opportunity to have a conversation with interesting people from Google and from other companies. Thanks for a good time :)”

  • Google Sandbox: Miami | Technical and Product Infrastructure, Communications, Search, and Cloud

    This Miami program highlighted the tools and infrastructure side of Google, where engineers build software that empowers teams to develop and deliver high quality apps, products, and services. Participants had the opportunity to mingle with Googlers and participate in a fireside chats, to panel discussions, and tech talks.

    “I would like to see events like this one more often in the area to get us more involved in the tech field in an area that is mostly tourism, business and marketing. I appreciate the opportunity Google is creating for locals in Miami.”

  • Google Sandbox: Baltimore | Google Cloud G Suite

    The Baltimore program provided an opportunity for participants to learn about life at Google and take a deeper dive into Technical Infrastructure at scale. Participants learned about teams including Security and Privacy, Corporate Engineering and Google's Data Centers through a series of tech talks, panels and fireside chats.

    "The events team crafted a remarkable experience and all Googlers were engaging and full of radiant energy and good vibes. I really appreciate having that energy focused in Baltimore, if only for two days. I felt fully supported by a diverse and inclusive environment. And at the same time, I felt at ease to engage in dynamic conversations that are shaping the Infrastructure that we all love. So again, thank you!”

  • Google Sandbox: Toronto | Google Cloud and Large Customer Sales

    The Toronto program highlighted our Cloud Customer and Large Customer Sales Teams, with a focus on Google Cloud Platform and Ads. Through a keynote, Life at Google panel, and Principles of Innovation workshop, participants got an inside look into the impact these teams are having on the world’s businesses, as well as Google’s culture in the Toronto office.

    "I have always wondered what life at Google was like and now I know. I enjoy the culture of innovation and cooperation, and it's a good guide for other companies (and frankly, people in general).”

  • Google Sandbox: Chicago | Virtual Reality, Android and Google Play

    The Google Sandbox: Chicago program cast a spotlight on virtual reality, Android, and Google Play product areas. Participants experienced tech talks on designing for VR, coding “in the flow”, and customer growth hacking through experiments.

    “As a Latina that has aspired to join Google, this event was very motivating and interesting. I really appreciate how Google gives back to the community, particularly to minorities and women. The event truly was special and it was obvious that a lot of work went into the prep and execution. The event only deepened my excitement for Google and my yearning to help Google become more diverse.”

  • Google Sandbox: Machine Learning Lab | Seattle

    This Machine Learning Lab program focused on building machine learning fundamentals and practical applications, providing a close look at how Google approaches AI and ML in our cloud and mobile business areas. Participants experienced tech talks designed to apply theoretical learnings from the online Machine Learning Crash Course in a practical application, as well a panel on how AI shows up in other industries like medicine, a TensorFlow workshop, and a Pike Place-themed networking reception.

    “I learn about ML and other technologies on my own. What I was happily surprised by was the event was almost totally what I can’t read in a book or online...face to face discussions and talks with actual Google technologists breaking down what they’re currently working on. I got a wide snapshot from real people of the current state of Google. I got to see, hear and experience the enthusiasm first hand of a group of people pumped to go to work each day. Awesome!”

  • Google Sandbox: Phoenix | Google Cloud, Chrome, and Search

    The Phoenix program brought participants together for two evenings of tech talks, mini fireside chats with Googlers, a site reliability engineering technical workshop, and networking. Participants were able to learn more about life at Google and take a deeper dive into technical teams across Google Cloud, Chrome and Google Search. The program also featured a social hour, during which participants had the opportunity to network, engage with demo stations, take professional headshots and enjoy specialities from the local cuisine.

    “I'm looking for a company to call home, I believe Google should be that company. I want to join the Google team.”

  • Google Sandbox: Nashville | Search, Ads, YouTube and Technical Infrastructure

    The Nashville program featured a myriad of content, including a series of tech talks about the complexities of keeping Google's systems safe from abuse and protecting user data, a friendly "Google Games" coding competition, and a panel about life at Google and the intersection of technology and entertainment. Participants also experienced a live musical performance from a local Nashville artist, and had a chance to network with Google and YouTube recruiters and engineers.

    “The networking and Google Games workshop were both admirable and neat ways to talk further with folks in the Nashville tech communities that may not touch base often. Having that time together with Google was well worth it.”

  • Google Sandbox: San Diego | Geo, Ads, gSuite, and Mobile Platforms

    The San Diego program dove into user engagement and focused on looking at the technical, testing, and workflow processes that Google puts in place to ensure a consistent strong user experience with products, across teams like Ads, Geo (Maps), gSuite, and Android. Participants experienced tech talks, product demos, fireside chats, and technical workshops. The program's networking reception highlighted local small businesses in San Diego and provided the opportunity for participants to take professional headshots.

    “The team put in a lot of thoughts to plan out the space and the event so well and I am glad I had a chance to participate. I would be extremely happy to keep coming back to more such events in the future and would appreciate any chance to come over and socialize with the Googlers.”

  • Google Sandbox: Machine Learning Lab II | New York

    The Machine Learning Lab program returned to New York, with a focus on practical application vs. theoretical learning, giving participants an opportunity to dive into the latest machine learning concepts and how they are applied at Google. Participants attended hands-on technical workshops, where they reviewed Data Sets and Problem Framing and a TensorFlow coding Exercise.

    “Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to learn. I am always amazed of how much I learn from Google events. It’s an exciting time to be alive to see how artificial intelligence can solve real world problems. Going forward we are also tasked with maintaining our moral compass and core values for uplifting humanity."

  • Google Sandbox: Live | User Experience & Design

    The Google Sandbox: Live program marked the first time that the program series took on a virtual format, with participants tuning in via YouTube livestream and getting interactive by discussing hot topics in design and user experience Googlers and with each other. The program centered on Google's design philosophy as a company, and featured an intimate conversation with two directors on Google's user experience team, including their take on the future of design. Participants joined from across the world, including places like India, Bolivia, Brasil, the Netherlands, Canada, Tunisia, Nigeria, Missouri, Texas, Washington, California, New Jersey, Colorado, Georgia, Atlanta, and Massachusetts, Washington, and Indiana.

    “That was awesome to hear about UX and design at Google. Please keep it coming!”

  • Google Sandbox: Houston | Search, Messaging and Voice, Product Infrastructure, and YouTube

    This Houston program focused on software engineering across some of Google's key product areas. The evening consisted of a keynote from one of Google's data science directors, a panel discussion on life at Google, “Ask Me Anything” chats with Google engineers, and networking opportunities for participants with Googlers and each other.

    “I really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about Google and talk with employees. Glad Houston was chosen as we have many talented people here and often get overlooked!”

  • Google Sandbox: Cluj-Napoca | Software Engineering and Site Reliability Engineering

    The Cluj-Napoca program was the second event in Romania, and featured tech talks about topics in software engineering, site reliability engineering, and machine learning. Participants also attended a hands-on Machine Learning Workshop and round table discussions with Google engineers. The event also featured demos of some of Google's virtual reality products like Tilt Brush and Cardboard.

    “The round table discussions were really useful and pleasant. Everyone was very warm and welcoming. “

  • Google Sandbox: Haifa

    The Google Sandbox: Haifa program focused on software engineers from the Arabic community and this was the first Sandbox event in Israel. During the event, participants solved challenges as part of Google's Kick Start coding competition. After the mini round of challenges, participants and Googlers discussed how to solve algorithmic questions. The evening also featured a life at Google panel, giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions and get an inside look at what it's like to work at Google in general and particularly in the Haifa office. The event concluded with a family-style sit-down dinner and networking time.

    "I hope to see this event in Haifa again next year."

  • Google Sandbox: Raleigh-Durham

    Google Sandbox returned to the Raleigh-Durham area. The 2019 program showcased the unique product innovations happening across Google, through our “Eng Life at Google” Panel, series of Tech- Talks, a recruiter lounge, ARCore Demos, an opportunity for head-shots, and informal Fireside Chat Round-tables with Googlers. The event was held at Junction West in Raleigh’s Warehouse District, and featured local vendors.

    "I really enjoyed the experience. It got me to see Google in a different light and can clearly see how events like these will help the company grow their goals as well as perspective, influencing their products in a positive way. "

  • Google Sandbox: Louisville | Core Systems, Platforms & Ecosystems, and YouTube

    Google Sandbox Louisville welcomed software engineers from the local Louisville community to learn about Google culture and opportunities. The event kicked off with an exciting game of rock, paper, scissors designed to energize and bring attendees together before diving into the content. The programming included opening remarks by a Googler & Louisville native, several lightning technical talks, a Q&A session and mini fireside chats. The event concluded with a celebratory networking reception, featuring several local businesses, head-shots, an Android pool photo opp, postcards for a local STEM camp, and a recruiting lounge. The goal of the event was to connect with the local tech community and highlight the innovations and work across Core Systems, Platforms & Ecosystems, and YouTube teams. We also intended to increase the understanding and positive perception of Google among attendees and create a more representative long-term pipeline of talent for Google.

  • Google Sandbox: Kansas City | Site Reliability and Cloud Customer Engineering

    Google Sandbox in partnership with the Site Reliability (SRE) and Strategic Cloud teams hosted the first ever Sandbox Kansas City. The event spotlighted Cloud Technical teams including Site Reliability, Strategic Cloud and Technical Support engineering. The evening included several tech talks, a Life at Google Panel, two technical breakout sessions and plenty of time for informal networking, providing a unique opportunity for the local community to interact with Googlers and fellow professionals in the area. With cameos from the SRE traveling Unicorn and a Googler’s own Google bike, we brought the fun magic of Google to this great city.

    “I enjoyed the talks and understanding the individual pathways to becoming Googlers. It was reassuring to hear from non-tech, non-Ivy league alums that opportunities do exist and are encouraged.”

  • Google Sandbox: Portland | Devices & Systems, and UX

    The Google Sandbox: Portland program showcased the exciting work of Google's software, hardware, and UX teams--and the ways in which they collaborate. Attendees arrived ready to engage in conversation and prepped with questions for the Leadership Fireside Chat, Life @ Google panel, and small group "Ask Me Anything" discussion circles led by technical Googlers. The event was book-ended by an opening happy hour featuring food, drinks, and product demos and a closing reception that additionally featured dessert from a local ice creamery and an opportunity to take professional headshots.

    "It was eye opening in so many levels to see that there are a lot of possibilities to pursue with Google."

  • Google Sandbox: Philadelphia |

    More to come.

  • Google Sandbox: Machine Learning Lab | San Francisco

    Google Sandbox Machine Learning: San Francisco, was a day long program to develop a better understanding of fundamental machine learning concepts while also gaining a closer look at how Google approaches AI and Machine Learning. The event spotlighted Cloud, Geo, Research and Machine Intelligence, and YouTube, with a focus on Machine Learning & AI. The full day programming included several tech talks, application and domain workshops, demos, Q&A and plenty of time for informal networking, providing a unique opportunity for the local community to interact with Googlers and fellow professionals in the area

    “This event was an incredible source of motivation and empowerment for someone changing careers like me."

  • Google Sandbox: Birmingham


  • Google Sandbox: Istanbul

    Coming soon!

  • Google Sandbox: Budapest

    Coming soon!

  • Google Sandbox: Minneapolis | Shopping, Payments, Drive, and YouTube

    Google Sandbox made it's way over to Minneapolis, Minnesota- land of flour and butter. Fittingly so, this Sandbox event was held at the historic Machine Shop, formally known as the Pillsbury A-Mill, which was once the largest working mill in the world.This Sandbox event hosted 99 Minnesotans over the course of two days, featuring speakers from Google Shopping, Payments Identity Verification, YouTube, and the Drive Data Protection team.

    "The Tech Challenge on the first night was an excellent opportunity to inspire team collaboration among attendees who were total strangers to one another only 15 minutes beforehand. The Life@Google panel and "speed dating" with Googlers was also highly valuable. I received more answers to my questions about Google from ACTUAL Googlers than I could have possibly imagined prior to Google Sandbox.”

  • Google Sandbox: Orlando | Platform & Ecosystems, Core Systems, and YouTube

    Google Sandbox: Orlando was an evening program that highlighted a series of lightning technical talks, panel discussion, and mini fireside chats from Googlers on our Platform & Ecosystems, Core Systems, and YouTube teams. The event concluded with an opportunity to network and build connections among Googlers and the local Orlando tech community, featuring local vendors, virtual interactions, and 360-view of Philly's skyline- perfect for photo ops!

    “Before this event, I felt that Google was not a place for me. That has definitely changed now that I have spoken to Googlers from all over the country who were so excited to share their experiences with all of us in Orlando.”

Business Series

  • Google Sandbox: DC | Global Business Organization

    This Washington, DC program provided participants exposure into Google’s technology, culture, and business principles through two evenings of panels, hands-on workshops, and networking.

    “I've always had interest in Google for the amazing things we all hear about like the perks and benefits...However, I figured I couldn't stand a chance against people with MBA's that may already have a background in tech. Our conversation as well as the testimony from your colleagues has done nothing short of dispel those thoughts. I know with unmatched certainty that I could be a beneficial member to Google's culture and shared vision for the future.”

  • Google Sandbox: Denver | Google Cloud G Suite

    The Denver program highlighted the teams that support G Suite — Google’s Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar products for businesses. Through tech talks, panels, fireside chats, and workshops, participants got an inside look into the impact these products are having on the world’s businesses, as well as Google’s culture in the Boulder office.

    "I met one person through the breakout sessions who I am hoping will become a mentor for me, and another person who I might potentially be able to mentor - so it was really wonderful!"

  • Google Sandbox: Miami | Google Marketing Solutions and Large Customer Sales

    This Miami program focused on Google’s Large Customer Sales and Google Marketing Solutions teams. The program featured access to Google's sales leaders, an in depth look at our company's sales principles, and networking opportunities to connect with Google employees.

    “Connecting with Google makes me realize that the company cares to reach out to different communities and that talent can be found in mine. This event encouraged me to build a competitive application and apply to Google in the near future. I now feel that it is a realistic and attainable goal. Thank you for believing in Miami and in me.”

  • Google Sandbox: Los Angeles | The Global Marketing Organization

    The Los Angeles program highlighted the work and impact of Google’s Marketing organization. The two-night program allowed participants to learn about the values that drive our marketing work, get insight into Google’s marketing campaigns, and meet leaders in the organization.

    “As a woman of color who works in technology, I am often the only minority in the room. At Sandbox, this was different. It was so inspiring for me to be in a room of people who look like me and share the same experiences. I met a lot of cool people and had great conversations about marketing at Google and marketing at large. I think this program will have long-term impact, if not immediate, to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply to and bring diverse goodness to Google.”

  • Google Sandbox: Chicago | Finance

    This Chicago program focused on Google’s finance organization. Participants gained insight into automation within finance and the role finance plays in product launches. The program also provided participants access to Google's finance leaders, an in depth look into the finance organization, and networking opportunities to connect with Google employees.

    "I felt at home and I felt like I was able to speak freely without fear of judgement. Sometimes networking events with large Fortune 500 events are either stuffy or they feel fake. There's nothing fake about Google."

  • Google Sandbox: Chicago | Global Business Organization

    This Chicago program provided an inside look into Google’s Global Business Organization. Participants had the opportunity to meet with senior leaders and through dynamic speakers, panels, and workshops, got an inside look into various business teams at Google.

    “The event gave me a sense of being able to approach Google without feeling anxious or outsmarted by the current employees. That perception was busted, in a very good way, with me walking away knowing there could be a home for me at Google and that I would be an asset to the overall business, not just a number in the pool of employees.”

  • Google Sandbox: New York | Consulting

    This Sandbox New York program focused on highlighting how Googlers with strategy consulting backgrounds are driving impact. The two-night program featured an in-depth look into Google's business principles & ecosystem, provided insight into how a passion for data drives Google's tools and systems, and networking opportunities to connect in more intimate settings with Googlers on business teams who utilize consultant skills every day.

    "I was so impressed by the organization, but also so impressed by the thoughtfulness of the speakers. They each addressed D&I topics and concerns from their own perspective, but I think it ultimately made Google shine. I was really truly appreciative of the way they authentically and honestly took on tough questions."

  • Google Sandbox: Atlanta | Sales

    The Atlanta program focused on highlighting Google's sales teams within the company's Global Business Organization. The program brought together sales professionals with the intent of educating participants on how Google approaches digital advertising. Participants were able to get a close look into sales at Google through client stories, presentations and networking.

    “Even with the other attendees it didn't feel like a competitive or hostile environment. I didn't know what to expect with Google Sandbox, but each day I left feeling energized and motivated.”

  • Google Sandbox: DC | Analyst

    This program focused on highlighting how Googlers are translating their passion for data and analytics into impact. The program featured in depth look into Google's business principles & ecosystem. Participants networked with Googlers in analyst roles to learn more about the tools and systems that enable decision making, get insight into Google's leadership principles, and explore how various teams leverage data and analytics to inspire innovation.

    "I found it absolutely amazing to learn about teams that I honestly would never have been attracted to just by reading the name... I also really enjoyed learning about the culture at google on a deeper more real level from people actually living it - truly inspiring."

  • Google Sandbox: Houston | People Operations (POps)

    Google Sandbox returned to Houston for programming that highlighted teams within the company's People Operations organization. Participants had the opportunity to chat directly with Googlers on these teams to learn more about the specifics of each team, as well as deep-dive into Google's HR Philophies through panel discussions and presentations.

    "This was truly an amazing event that I have not seen from other organizations. Sandbox really sets the bar and has really provided a way for diverse talent to look into their [Google’s] organization without the traditional "job fair" atmosphere."

  • Google Sandbox: Charlotte | Finance

    The Google Sandbox: Charlotte program focused on finance talent in one of the country's largest banking cities. Participants were able to learn how Google approaches finance as it relates to our products and automation through panels, presentations and informal networking.

    "The Googlers were very approachable. At these types of events for other companies, it seems high pressure to impress people. This event was very authentic."

  • Google Sandbox: Boston | Consulting

    More to come...

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